Informative and Interesting Introductions

Speaker Introductions: Rousing, Rough, or Ruinous?

Sooner or later, you’ll be called on to introduce someone—at an industry meeting, a client event, or a community gathering.  And you don’t...

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Persuasion and Writing Expert

The ONE Best Way to Persuade

After registering to attend a writer’s conference, I began to see a thread of emails land in my inbox about the upcoming event. An inexperienced...

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Poor Customer Service Lessons

10 Lessons Learned in Surviving Poor Customer Service

A recent renovation in our home due to a water leak became almost a 4-month, full-time job for my husband.  Sharing some of the customer-service...

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Developing a Successful Leader

3 Things Leadership Is NOT

Leadership—or the lack of it—has been the theme of the last decade. From political pundits, to convention keynoters, to sports team coaches,...

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Motivating Employees and Workers

Managers Who Motivate Rather Than Demoralize

I’ve never met a manager who intended to demoralize their staff.  Many do. But that’s not their intention. In talking with them or those...

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Presentation and Leadership Skills

4 Things Business Presenters Can Learn from Painters

A leaking water pipe inside our house recently caused damage that entailed major renovations. As the various work crews came in and out over the...

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