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To listen to previous participants

Just completed the deal and got the contract on my third book! After applying the principles I learned at the GYBP workshop, this latest contract is much better than my first. Thanks, Dianna!

Laura Stack, The Productivity Pro®, Author of Leave the Office Earlier, Execution IS the Strategy, and Faster Together

Dianna is the Queen of Book Writing! She has perfected every step of producing a best seller. Not only does she understand the book-writing process, she shares it all with you! I know because I have benefited from her expertise.

Elaine Biech, Author and Editor of 36 books including Training for Dummies and The Business of Consulting

I listened to your writing program presented in Washington, DC. WOW! Wish I had known you before I started on this publishing path. I learned so much and had so many of my own experiences validated by you. You are my hero!

Susan RoAne, Nation’s Leading and Original Networking Expert – The Mingling Maven® Author of the one-million copy international bestseller How to Work a Room®, RoAne’s Rules: How to Make the Right Impression, and The Secrets of Savvy Networking, among others

There is no one in the world who can help you understand the publishing business, marketing of books and writing to sell like Dianna Booher. Everyone knows she is an accomplished writer and editor. However, her guidance also helps you negotiate the business of writing and marketing your book. Her straightforward approach, practical strategies and tailored advice gave me a big head start in my book launch and marketing campaign for Stop Complainers.

Dianna generates ideas that work. She has the ability to see where you’re going, your unique selling proposition and how to say it in an engaging way. Her ability to help you focus on what matters to the business community is unlike any other. She knows how to help you say what you want in a way that registers with your audience.

Dianna’s encouragement and coaching makes all the difference. Hire her now, thank me later.

Linda Swindling, JD, CSP Author of Stop Complainers and Energy Drainers: How to Negotiate Work Drama to Get More Done (Wiley 2013), and Ask Outrageously (Berrett-Koehler 2017), Former Vistage Chair, and Creator of the Popular Passports to Success Series

Outstanding…from both a content and learning standpoint. The manual is phenomenal. I am more motivated than ever to complete the book. Thank you for an outstanding experience.

Terry Lubotsky, Consultant, Facilitator, Speaker, Coach & Author

Outstanding. Dianna does an amazing job of distilling complicated ideas into manageable information.
Great job of digging into each attendee’s unique challenges. Patient, enthusiastic, and very focused.

Rob “Waldo” Waldman, Author of Never Fly Solo

“Dianna and I met at a speaking convention in March 2013, and had I met her earlier, I wouldn’t have made mistakes during my book publishing journey. Dianna is a luminary in her field and has published over 46 books, many of which are bestsellers. When I asked her to review my book proposal, she provided an arsenal of advice and asked a series of questions that drew out my strengths (that I didn’t even know to include), pinpointed my deficient areas, and ultimately led me to develop a robust document of 54 pages, up from an incomplete one of 14.

In short, Dianna is an accomplished professional—one whom I greatly admire—whose experience, expertise, and wisdom are unmatched.”

Loretta Neff, Author of Manners for the Millenial Mind: Social Skills for Leadership and Success

Dianna is so impressive—her stamina, passion, and knowledge stand out. I have been so intimidated by proposals…but Dianna’s GYBP seminar broke down all the barriers.

Lorri Allen, Speaker, Author, Journalist

You obviously know your subject and have a great way of sharing your knowledge. Thank you so much for being so candid and giving.

Adele Good, Speaker and Author

Simply incredible: Specific. Relevant. Engaging. Credible.

Tim Alba, Senior Associate Pastor, Finance and Administration

I’ve learned much from Dianna over the years about writing and publishing. Whenever I had a question, she was the first person I’d call. Her expertise is both deep and wide and you’ll benefit richly from her ideas and insights.”

Mark Sanborn, Author of The Fred Factor and You Don’t Need a Title to Be a Leader

Dianna is a genius at helping you and your organization communicate more effectively, profitably, and transformatively. Her brilliant and instantly applicable insights and wisdom get results that pay off now.

Mark Victor Hansen, Author and Co-founder of Chicken Soup for the Soul Enterprises, Inc.

I’ve been struggling and struggling to get the book done. Then I heard your system, and it made such good sense. You made it so simple. I walked out of your session and just went home and did it in a few days.

Vince Poscente, CSP, CPAE, Author, Olympian, Speaker, The Ant and the Elephant, Silver Bullets, and New York Times bestseller, The Age of Speed

“Thanks so much for what you did yesterday—sharing your widom and knowledge. I now have a dozen more questions…. So much learning packed into four hours!”

David Rawles, President, Career Solutions

Taking Dianna Booher’s Get Your Book Published program was one of the wisest business decisions I’ve made.

The program itself was outstanding. The course material was detailed, practical and very helpful. The hot seats stimulated
a lot of useful ideas for me. The other participants in the program have become valued colleagues who I enjoy connecting with on a regular basis.

And Dianna’s guidance and assistance with my contract questions and finding a literary agent were pivotal to me publishing with Wiley. If it wasn’t for her, I’m sure I wouldn’t have gotten the book deal that I did. I felt like she was my personal book whisperer.

Peri Shawn, Author of Sell More With Sales Coaching

Dianna Booher will not only save you weeks, but years.

This workshop helps you stay out of costly problems and spotlights valuable opportunities.

Dru Scott Decker, Dru Scott Decker, Author of Stress That Motivates and Finding More Time in Your Life

I walked out with drafts of the specific documents necessary to launch my book project and a plan for how to make it happen this year. This alone made the course worthwhile. But I actually walked out with much more−a vision of how to use this book project to re-create by business, launch new products, and build a platform for meteoric growth−and the confidence to make it happen. That made the course a life-changing event for me.

Mary Adams, Trek Consulting, Principal

The most helpful topics were the proposal, query, and writing process.

Steve Jacob, Founding Editor, D Healthcare Daily at D Magazine

It was truly the highlight of my year.

Sara Johnson, Blogger, The Salty Lady

My proposal has come a LONG way since we discussed my summary, AND I just signed a contract with Wiley to publish the book. Thank you so much for your guidance.

Donna Cutting, Professional Speaker and Author of The Celebrity Experience: Transform Your Company with Red Carpet Customer Service