Become a Published, Top-Selling Author


Whether you are an author “hopeful” or an accomplished writer with a finished manuscript to sell, this coaching program will give you the tangible tools and techniques to complete your project, gain new visibility, and increase your credibility exponentially.

  • Do you dream of selling your book to a major publishing house?
  • Need a step-by-step process to write a quality book in 7 to 28 days?
  • Are you having difficulty finding an agent as passionate about your book as you are?
  • Need ideas to market your book?

Then cut your learning curve with mentoring from an experienced book and publishing coach. Hall-of-Fame keynote speaker and bestselling author Dianna Booher has written and published 50 books, sold in 62 foreign editions—all with major publishers. Additionally, she has co-authored 17 other books and ghostwritten 4 business books. Her award-winning books include both fiction and nonfiction (business, technical, self-help, and pop psychology).

None of her books are self-published. (If you plan to self-publish, we’re happy to recommend some great coaches to help you with that goal.)

At Booher Research, we’re all about helping you SELL your book to a major publisher and gain the credibility, media visibility, and distribution after doing so.


I’ve learned much from Dianna over the years about writing and publishing. Whenever I had a question, she was the first person I’d call. Her expertise is both deep and wide and you’ll benefit richly from her ideas and insights.”

Mark Sanborn
Author of The Fred Factor and You Don’t Need a Title to Be a Leader

Dianna Coaches You on How to Get Published, Write Your Book Fast, and Get Major Media

Our coaching program assumes the target publisher is a major house with name credibility and prestige that will pay you good money for your masterpiece.

Why? Because that prestige automatically transfers to your book in the mind of the buyer. Generally, you don’t find top-selling books coming off the self-publisher’s printer or presses. In fact, the average self-published book sells only a few hundred copies, which generate little opportunity for multiple revenue streams.

A select few authors have carved out a successful niche relying on the self-publishing format. Learn how they did it. Then you will have the facts to make an unbiased decision for your project and goals.

Whatever direction you ultimately take—self-publishing or traditional publishing with a major publishing house—this coaching program has much to offer: from writing a quality book quickly, to marketing your masterpiece, to developing an entire line of products from that content.

In This Book Writing and Publishing Program You Will Learn How To:
  • Create original concepts that you can trademark and
    extend to a brand
  • Test the market for your book idea
  • Develop 12 approaches to almost any subject
    and select the most appropriate for your topic
  • Select writing projects that propel your career to
    the next level
  • Create or expand your personal platform to get the
    attention of publishers and major influencers
  • Craft enticing titles that tease readers to
    take your book home
  • Create an irresistible one-page pitch to agents
  • Write queries that grab attention and gain
    representation by top agents
  • Select the most appropriate agent for your project
    and career goals
  • Develop a killer book proposal that leads to a
    lucrative contract
  • Get your idea to finished manuscript quickly with
    a systematic work plan
  • Identify low-cost ways to do proprietary, primary research
  • Discover resources to help you with the steps
    you don’t want to do yourself
  • Polish your writing skills to take your project from
    ho-hum to humdinger
  • Use a 12-step writing process to draft your book
    in 7 to 21 days
Hear Forbes commentator Kate Delaney interview Dianna Booher (for NSA’s Voices of Experience) about her writing career and the latest trends in book publishing and agenting.

Dianna is a genius at helping you and your organization communicate more effectively, profitably, and transformatively. Her brilliant and instantly applicable insights and wisdom get results that pay off now.

Mark Victor Hansen
Coauthor of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, with more than 500 million copies sold

3 Ways to Get Dianna’s Expert Coaching Help on Writing & Publishing Your First (or next) Book

Dianna has helped many bestselling authors make their first moves in getting published, and she’d love to help you too.

Get a FREE Introductory Call

10 Minutes

Get quick clarity from Dianna Booher in a 10-minute introductory call on how best to get your book published. This get-acquainted call can help you determine if your book project is the right fit for Dianna’s coaching services. Book your call to see what’s possible.

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Book a Strategy Call

60 Minutes

For those seeking clarity, direct answers, and an actionable plan to get published, book an intensive, 60-minute strategy call with Dianna. The cost of the session is $500 and may be deducted if you opt for longer term coaching.

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Get 1on1 Book Coaching

6-24 Months

Looking for an expert mentor to walk you through the entire writing and publishing process from A-Z until your book is finished, marketed, and out into the world? Consider Dianna on retainer as she coaches you in person or online.

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Dianna's Track Record in Publishing Speaks for Itself

If it’s a seasoned book coach you want, consider Dianna’s wealth of experience in the writing and publishing industry.

  • Worked with 33 editors (they move around often in this business!)
  • Published 50 books (full-length hardcover or softcover books with traditional publishers; none self-published)
  • Published with 20 different publishers/imprints (most of the mega-conglomerates; each have specialty imprints)
  • Published 62 foreign-language editions
  • Worked with seven agents in selling her books in different genres, including the foreign agents and subrights agents
  • Established a portfolio of more than 200 products (books, training courses, audio, video, musicals, job aids, e-learning courses)

Be a Great Media Guest so You Get Invited Back

  • Turn media interviews into actual sales
  • Use multiple channels to the media–without paying high monthly retainers
  • Select the right publicity agent for you and your book in light of your goals
  • Understand how to news-jack so the media calls YOU
  • Set a plan to get endorsements from celebrities and other ideal candidates
  • Set up joint ventures to drive book sales to spike onto bestseller lists
  • Create the Umbrella Concept™ to brand yourself as a bestselling author
  • Negotiate 19 sticky contract clauses to avoid legal potholes
  • Cash in on your subrights sales
  • Create a title that tells and sells
  • Write your book with built-in media hooks


Just completed the deal and got the contract on my third book! After applying the principles I learned at the workshop, this latest contract is much better than my first. Thanks, Dianna!

Laura Stack
The Productivity Pro®, Author of Leave the Office Earlier, Execution IS the Strategy, and Faster Together