Closeup portrait, young man, thinking, finger on mouth, looking at you, deciding. Human emotions, facial expressions, feelings

Communication Mistakes That Make You Sound Shy and Less Competent

(Forbes first published my article here.) The cocky demeanor of a used-car salesperson is likely not the look you’re going for. But most...

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Businesswoman blindfolded standing near a deep pitfall in the town

5 Leadership Communication Blind Spots and How to Remove Them

Transparency is not for wimps. Leaders rarely intend to deceive. Confusion, miscommunication, and even deception just happen through neglect....

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woman holding her thumb down

How to Reason and React When Your Boss Says No

(Forbes first published my article here.) Hearing “no” has never been fun. Not when asking your parents to let you attend a must-go event. Not...

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Stressed woman with headache and noisy people in office

How To Work With People You Don’t Like

(Forbes first published my article here.) Being locked into a leadership role or project with a person who rubs you the wrong way produces...

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Business team standing indoors smiling

How Leaders Convert Insincere Communication to Inspiration and Loyalty

(Forbes first published my article here.) Distrust represents the biggest barrier between leaders and followers. And that distrust reveals itself...

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Businesswoman In Presentation At Conference Raising Hand To Ask Question

5 Mistakes Leaders and Presenters Make in Responding to Questions

Whether delivering a presentation, delegating a project, or passing someone in the hallway, leaders get questions. Some challenging, some trivial....

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