How to Get C-Suite Buy-In

(This article first appeared on Forbes.com here.) “Never heard back on that.” “They never took serious action on my recommendation.” “Sure would like to have a seat at the table when that discussion comes up next time!” All of these are common laments from those who’ve had their day in front of C-suite decision makers—and [...]

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Don’t Underestimate the Impact of Great Communication Skills

Connectivity doesn’t equal connection. Show me a workplace where everyone is connected 24/7 by email, instant messaging, social media, and smart phones, and I’ll show you a workplace where words become just so much white noise. To rise about the din today, you need great communication skills. Not good skills, but great skills. If you [...]

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5 Leadership Communication Blind Spots and How to Remove Them

Transparency is not for wimps. Leaders rarely intend to deceive. Confusion, miscommunication, and even deception just happen through neglect. Here’s how: Communication Blind Spots to Remove Blind Spot #1: Equating Information With Communication Leaders frequently seem puzzled when an internal survey finds that an alarming number of employees feel that the “executive leadership team” doesn’t [...]

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Do I Have Too Many Slides?

This common question sounds like “How much money will I need for retirement?” It’s not uncommon for presenters to walk into a conference room for a 20-minute briefing with 40 minutes of slides. On the other extreme, some presenters and public speakers deliver a keynote with none. Presenters with large decks will be chastised for [...]

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12 Communication Habits to Be a Better Boss

Nobody intends to be a bad boss. Managers aspire to earn the respect of their team, engage their people in the mission, and win their loyalty for the long term. For the best bosses, those things happen. Other managers, however, struggle with the relationship-side of their responsibilities.   So What’s The Big Challenge? Ask their [...]

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5 Ways to Gain Credibility With Executive Leaders

(This article first appeared on Forbes here.) Few things are more frustrating than identifying a problem, developing a viable solution, hearing accolades from coworkers only to have your executive team question the very premise of your recommendation. Rather than being greeted with gratitude and confidence, in their presence, you feel as credible as Bernie Madoff [...]

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