woman in white sweater pointing at her face with both hands and laughing

Are You a Leader Who Laughs?

The first day I walked into Miss Amos’s literature class, I was scared. Not because of the subject or the fact that this was my first day in a new...

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Blurry overhead photo of five businesspeople sitting at a table

Is This Crystal Clear to You?

(Forbes first published my article here.) My husband and I used to get into “intense” discussions when we traveled together on business. No,...

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business man with arms crossed

Do People REALLY Want Your Ideas and Feedback?

Not always—even when they ask for it. Their actions tell the real story. In fact, a speaker colleague of mine says boldly, “I never ask for...

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Concept of a selfish man with a crown on his head

How Leaders Communicate Differently From Divas and Deadbeats

Leaders talk often about data and metrics—and new AI possibilities. But some roles and activities defy measurement. For the most part, leadership...

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group of businesspeople sitting at conference table appearing upset

Straight Talk From Leaders In Tough Times

(Forbes first published my article here.) We’re just finishing a bathroom remodeling job in the home we built more than two decades ago. The...

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Group Of Friends Enjoying Meal At Home Together

Do You Have Casual or Deep Friendships?

A few years ago, I called my mother during a break at the trade show floor. “Do they have Dad’s test results back yet?” “Yes. They do. The...

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