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4 Productivity Habits that Pave The Way To Success

(Forbes first published my article here.) “How do you find time to write?” remains one of the most frequent questions book-coaching clients...

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How AI Can Kill Your Career or Business

(Forbes first published my article here.) You’ll find it difficult to pick up a publication from the last few months that does not include an...

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What To Say In Sticky Situations

(Forbes first published my article here.) You’ve probably heard the old joke about the socially awkward woman whose friend set her up with a...

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Annoyed male crosses his arms in disappointment

How to Get Rid of the Grumps in Your Life

(Forbes first published my article here.) Negative people sap your energy and attention.  They break your focus.  I used to have an...

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How to Prepare for Your First Conversation with a Book Editor

After authors get their first email from a book publisher to schedule a call about their proposed book, they do a big happy dance! Their next...

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What to Do When It’s So Hard to Communicate With Your Mom

There are two kinds of daughters and sons in the world: Those who grow up communicating and connecting with their moms and those who grow up wishing...

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