Businesswoman In Presentation At Conference Raising Hand To Ask Question

5 Mistakes Leaders and Presenters Make in Responding to Questions

Whether delivering a presentation, delegating a project, or passing someone in the hallway, leaders get questions. Some challenging, some trivial....

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Portrait of a businesswoman resting her face on books and smiling

Looking for Competitive Advantage in Your Career This Year?

(Forbes first published my article here.) No, it’s not about working longer hours. It’s not about connections. It’s not about finding new...

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Red and white striped concrete road barrier lying on the pavemen

Communication Foul-Ups that Stall Coworkers’ Productivity

Some of the biggest foul-ups with customers and prospects result from missing or inadequate notes entered in the company database. The salesperson or...

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man cowering from multiple types of information source

Making Sense of Information Overload

(Guest Post by Jeff Davidson) Who among us, periodically if not constantly, doesn't feel overwhelmed by the volume of new information to which...

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Man icon leader and team of minded people

How to Increase The Power and Connectivity Of Your Leadership Language

(Forbes first published my article here.) A recent survey by Zety, a career service firm, of more than 1,000 US workers found that 79 percent say...

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Male hand holds open book, vintage toned

The Purpose of the Book Pitch

For those of you who’ve attended a workshop on writing and publishing, you understand the term “pitch” as it relates to selling a book. But...

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