former employee taking their boxed items from workplace

How to Quit Your Job With Class

(Forbes first ran my article here.) Raise your hand if a parent warned you, “If you can’t say something nice about somebody, don’t say...

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Businessman with briefcase walking up

Stay Strong with 3 Sound Practices for Business Growth

Each year typically starts with excitement about new plans and strategies. But staying strong springs from a sturdy platform of fundamental business...

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Woman writing something in notebook on table with hourglass in office. Time management concept

Puzzling—How to Find the Perfect Balance Between Productivity and Play

(Forbes first published my article here.) Should you never put off until tomorrow what you can do today? Pundits and productivity experts have...

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Vintage typewriter on wooden table, touch-up in retro style

How to Motivate Yourself to Finish Your Book

Both seasoned and aspiring authors typically have a “goals” list in mind—if not on paper: —Increase credibility and expand my...

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Female journalist with microphone having an interview indoors

How You Can Be a Good Public Speaker—Even If You Don’t Speak for a Living!

(Forbes first published my article here.) No matter where your paycheck, profits, or clients come from, learning to give a good speech can...

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Text sign showing Practice Gratitude Daily. Conceptual photo be grateful to those who helped encouarged you Open notebook page jute background colorful markers Expressing ideas.

Do You Communicate Gratitude or Sour Grapes?

“Nothing should be prized more highly than the value of each day.”—Goethe   “They call it take-home pay because there’s no...

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