African American businessman holding cellphone to ear looking bored.

Are Your Frontline People Killing Your Business With Their Communication?

(Forbes first published my article here.)  Letting your employees communicate with your customers and prospects can kill your business. Let me be...

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Red and white striped concrete road barrier lying on the pavemen

Communication Foul-Ups that Stall Coworkers’ Productivity

Some of the biggest foul-ups with customers and prospects result from missing or inadequate notes entered in the company database. The salesperson or...

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Young man interviewing a woman in a radio studio

How to Choose the Best PR Firm to Promote Your Book

As an author, sooner or later you’ll be evaluating what a PR firm can do for you in launching your book and helping with ongoing promotion. Notice...

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How to Handle a Know-It-All Without Losing Your Cool

(Forbes first ran my article here.) “Every time I end a conversation with Chad I feel like I’ve just walked away from a boxing...

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Cross-Functional Communication

4 Ways to Improve Cross-Functional Communication

The weather forecaster issues a tornado warning, so you get out your new flashlight to make sure it’s working in case the electricity goes off....

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customer-service communication

Communication Habits That Drive Customers Crazy—And How to Stop Them!

My last few interactions as a customer have traumatized me. For three nights, the conversations have replayed in my head for hours of fitful drama...

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