confusing highway interchange

How to Avoid Multiple Communication Channels Clogging True Communication

(Forbes first published my article here.) Standing stark naked, I started to place my phone on the bathroom counter nearby before stepping into...

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View Of Busy Office with most employees sitting, one man standing talking on phone

Excessive Talking Can Be a Killer

Excessive talking can be dangerous to your business and your life.  Tongue-wagging may not send you to the ER with heart-palpitations, blood clots,...

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Young black businesswoman presenting seminar to an audience

How to Get Started as a Professional Speaker and Sustain a 50-Year Career

(Forbes first published my article here.) Now that people are living longer, we’re hearing pundits talk about a 50- or 60-year career becoming...

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clouod of parenthesis, dash marks, and semicolons

Punctuation: Colons Vs Dashes Vs Parentheses

Punctuation can determine the interpretation of a contract, fix the price of your product, or alter the tone of your email. Never underestimate its...

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Future woman, abstract sci-fi female portrait for your design

How AI Can Kill Your Career or Business

(Forbes first published my article here.) You’ll find it difficult to pick up a publication from the last few months that does not include an...

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Expressions. Handsome young man in suit feeling fear with open mouth and closing eyes with hands

What To Say In Sticky Situations

(Forbes first published my article here.) You’ve probably heard the old joke about the socially awkward woman whose friend set her up with a...

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