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  • Need to increase your influence so you can change someone’s mind or behavior?
  • Are your sales proposals persuasive or merely informative?
  • Do your sales professionals stammer when they get in front of clients?
  • Do you presenters ramble rather than persuade when they get to the C-suite?
  • Do emails dump information without getting action?
  • Would you like to increase the impact of customer communication?
  • Would you like to get more mindshare for your social media?
  • Could your career stand a boost from a bestselling book?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, Dianna Booher can help.

Dianna Booher’s Most Requested Programs

Executive Presence to the Power of C™
Audiences will identify concrete characteristics that set them apart as influencers in the C-suite. They’ll learn to think on their feet, structure a message for executives, and pay attention to body language so that it supports rather than sabotages their message. Read More

What MORE Can I Say?  Persuasive Communication That Changes How People Think and Act
Need to get a point across quickly, expand influence, persuade others to change their mind or behavior?  This program will provide nine counter-intuitive principles for moving people to action. With examples from pop culture, business, and family life, Dianna Booher will help audience members to identify reasons communicators fail to connect—and illustrate concrete tips to change course! Read More

Your Signature Life: Creating the Life You Want
What if we all lived our daily lives in such a way that we would be proud to add our signature to it at the end of the day–just as the artist, novelist, or clothing designer signs a finished piece of work?  You are the designer of your life—architect of your work life, writer of your life’s story, the creator of your character.  As you work on creating this masterpiece called your life, you’ll want to be able to say you’ve done your personal best so that you can sign your name to what you have lived. Read More

Get Your Book Published to Promote Your Career and Build Your Credibility
Have you been promising to write a bestselling book “someday”? Well, this is your opportunity to turn your writing from bland to bold?  Now that technology has made writing books, ebooks, white papers, and articles so easy, publishing has become the new pastime for everyone from soccer moms to systems analysts. So what’s the next step to distinguish yourself in the field?  Credibility, prestige, leads, new business, money, name recognition, branding—all are reasonable to expect as a result of publishing and promoting your book with a major publisher. Read More

Writing a Quality Book Quickly
Both seasoned and inexperienced authors find themselves grappling from time to time with competing ideas, hectic schedules, distractions, and short attention spans—all of which complicate getting ideas from brain to bookstore. Audience members in this session will walk away with a 12-step, repeatable process for writing a quality book quickly—in 7-21 days. Read More

Why Dianna Booher?

In a few words, Dianna’s practical ideas are immediately usable. Her track record and solid research lend credibility to the insights, techniques, and tips. Her interactive delivery engages the audience.

In addition to the formal bio at the end of each program description, check out the more informal credentials by clicking this link:  Dianna’s Bio

Then call or email us for other references. Finally, put Dianna Booher to work to make your next event a success.

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