Who Executives Want to Hire

Traits CEOs and Executives Look for When They Hire

You may or may not be in the market for a new job. Yet, what executives look for when they staff their organizations suggests as much about the...

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Presentation Skills Expert

Out of Time in a Business or Sales Presentation? Do’s & Don’ts

It happens to the best of keynoters, business presenters, and sales professionals. No matter their experience or how often they’ve rehearsed, the...

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Habits of Great Communicators

5 Things Strong Communicators Don’t Do or Say

Strong communication is not about the bluster, but the luster. As a leader, your everyday conversations should shine. Strong communicators don’t...

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Improving Team Morale and Organization

Team Morale: How Leaders Zap It!

What’s the WORST thing leaders can do to kill the spirit of people who work with and for them? It’s not incompetence. Smart employees can...

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Expert on Growth and Management

Start the Year Strong with 3 Sound Practices for Growth

Starting a new year typically brings excitement about new plans and strategies. But never forget that solid growth springs from a sturdy platform of...

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Information Within a Presentation

Giving a Data-Driven Technical Presentation

If you’re an entrepreneur, marketer, sales professional, scientist, healthcare provider, financial advisor, or HR executive, on occasion you’ll...

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