Using Language Wisely

Are You Telling Stories or Anecdotes? — And Why It Matters

The president wanted to hit a grand slam at his first all-hands meeting with employees watching the broadcast from around the world. Obviously,...

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Leading With Common Sense

3 Common Sense Tips to Communicate Change That Aren’t Common Practice

  Randomness terrifies people. In a world where someone can walk into a shopping mall and open fire on hundreds of innocent people, where jobs...

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Improving Team Communication

4 Tips to Tie a Team Presentation Together

  A basketball team that can work the ball down the court and dunk it play after play is a beautiful thing. A family that laughs together...

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Increasing Organizational Trust

3 Ways to Disagree Without Sounding Disagreeable

  Good leaders can develop bad habits.  With careless phrasing, they can give the impression that others’ opinions are invalid.  The...

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Being the Best Leader Possible

10 Ways to Become a Better Negotiator Next Year

  As I’ve coached senior leaders in communication skills for the past three decades, I’ve had opportunity to observe 10 habits that set...

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Creating a Stellar Business Presentation

Are Your Business Presentations Like Casseroles?

  Growing up, my pre-teen kids never liked casseroles. “Things all run together,” my daughter complained. “But food runs together anyway...

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