Tough and Bold Leadership

Why They May Be Ignoring You & Your Communication

Jason Hewlett’s experience explains a good deal about why others may not be giving you or your message the attention it deserves. Here’s part of...

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Uplifting the Morale of Employees

Leadership Communication: 3 Things That Increase Personal Presence

When senior leaders come for coaching, they often show up with great motivation but guarded perspective. Their CEO has often given them some direct...

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Dialing Down Tense Work Dialogues

By Jeff Davidson, MBA, CMC Years ago when I was vice-president of a management consulting and training firm in Falls Church, Virginia, it became...

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Punctuation Errors on Social Media Are Appalling!

How passionate are you about punctuation?  The following is an excerpt from a recent note to me from the office of a financial advisor: “Hi...

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Leadership: Should Leaders Be Firm or Flexible?

Have you ever watched a sports team that seemed to run one play over and over and over, regardless of the score and regardless of their...

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Communication: Squelching the Urge to Hoard

In sports, when the competition gains the lead, … when a star player fouls out, … when a team gets rattled, …when tension mounts,… the...

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