interview questions

4 Interview Questions to Avoid Hiring Toxic Employees

Your success often depends on the emotional intelligence of people you hire in strategic positions. That means you need to make hiring decisions...

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hiring interview

Structuring the Hiring Interview

In my first few years as owner/CEO of a small business, I wasted far too much time in interviewing job applicants. My habit was to ask a few softball...

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communication lessons

Communication Tips From the World of Entertainment

Consider your favorite movie, play, or novel. Which kept you awake at night? Which popped into your consciousness days or months later? Those...

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communicate during crisis

How to Communicate With Employees During Crisis

During a time of crisis like the Coronavirus pandemic, people’s attention splinters from work to the all-encompassing chaos of what’s happening...

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Are You So Technical You Turn People Off?

(Forbes first published my post here.) When my husband and I first married, we had an ongoing travel battle. Working in Houston as a consultant, I...

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Childish Behavior

How To Handle Childish Behavior At Work

(Forbes first published my article here.) My client Heather called to say she hadn’t received our shipment of books. So our operations manager...

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