Writing Business Emails

Does Your Writing Reveal Secrets About Your Leadership Style?

  Keith, the president of a Fortune 500 company, called with an intriguing assignment—one that I’ve never been asked to repeat anywhere...

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Enhancing Your Typing Skills

7 Words to Make Your Business Writing Work

Most jobs today require writing of some kind—email, forms, reports, presentation slides, social media, instructions, ads.  And if your job...

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Punctuation Errors on Social Media Are Appalling!

How passionate are you about punctuation?  The following is an excerpt from a recent note to me from the office of a financial advisor: “Hi...

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Never Underestimate the Value of a Power Edit

My most valuable learning experience in graduate school also happened to be my most humiliating. Having read the first hundred pages of my master’s...

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How Do You Measure YOUR “Bestsellers”?

Do the national “Bestsellers” lists actually measure what they claim?  Any publisher will tell you they do not--- unless a book has...

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Mega-Million Writers Lab in the Big Apple—Come Pitch Your Book

“So do you know a great agent who’s taking on new clients?” “How in the world did you sell a million copies?” “Have you found PR...

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