Taking Alone Time is Beneficial

Stop Communicating 24/7; Rejuvenate With Solitude

“It’s been a crazy-busy summer.” “We’ve been playing catch-up all quarter.” “I’m meeting myself coming and going. I was...

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Seeing Different Perspectives

Perspective Leads to Negotiation and Happiness

There’s nothing like 1300 women trying to change seats quickly in a large auditorium to create a little disruption—and disgruntle more than...

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Clearing Your Mind, Going for Walks

Take a Walk for a Difficult Talk

  Walking loosens the tongue. Think back to your childhood. Do you remember any long walks with grandparents, aunts, or uncles when you bonded...

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Life Balance: Reclaim Energy Boosters and Dump Energy Drainers

“If people are going to be peak performers, they have to know how to change their energy state.”—Ken Blanchard  Nothing saps my energy...

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