strategic thinking

3 Powerful Characteristics of a Strategic Thinker

(Forbes first published my article here.) Strategic thinking sets you apart from the crowd—as particularly promotable. Consider these...

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reach decision maker

The Politics of Going Around Powerless People to Reach a Decision-Maker

Powerless people typically refuse to admit they have no real authority. They may tell you they’re recommenders or influencers, but you know them as...

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What Does Your Workspace Say About Your Competence?

It was what came AFTER the colonoscope that gave me the creeps. The gastro doctor came to me as a referral from my family physician. So I booked my...

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The Trap of Forced Inclusion

For twenty years, I was married to someone who struggled with depression, despite years of therapy, and in-patient care at psychiatric hospitals. At...

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presentation prepare

Polish Your Presentation—But Not to Perfection

(Forbes first published my article here.) Whether engineers, analysts, athletes, or sales professionals, you’ve heard and seen the best and...

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Cross-Functional Communication

4 Ways to Improve Cross-Functional Communication

The weather forecaster issues a tornado warning, so you get out your new flashlight to make sure it’s working in case the electricity goes off....

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