Small Details in Communication

What Leaders Communicate With “The Little Things”

No doubt, leaders spread their message by taking the microphone at a major conference. But just as with games, movies, apps, and ideas, leaders grow...

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Managing a Business Meeting

How Meeting Leaders Deal With a Dominating Person

In an ideal world, everybody would play nice. All meeting attendees would arrive on time, put away their devices, tune in to the discussion,...

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Politics and the Media

Political Debates, Network News, and Communicating With Skeptics

Are you tired of reading and hearing politicians and pundits tells us what “the American people want” or what “the American people don’t...

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The Process of Thinking

10 Things That Reveal How Leaders Think

The current buzz word “thought leader“ captures clout for those who stand out in the industry. But for years in other organizations or...

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Persuasion and Writing Expert

The ONE Best Way to Persuade

After registering to attend a writer’s conference, I began to see a thread of emails land in my inbox about the upcoming event. An inexperienced...

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Developing a Successful Leader

3 Things Leadership Is NOT

Leadership—or the lack of it—has been the theme of the last decade. From political pundits, to convention keynoters, to sports team coaches,...

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