Social Business Practices

5 Reasons You Need Coaches at Work

Life coaches and personal trainers seem to be the new status symbol.  From corporate CEOs to the nineteen-year-old French student, everyone’s...

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Learning from Your Superiors

Leaders: Legal, Ethical, or Right?

Do you remember playing games as a child when you made up the rules as you went along?  Those rules that evolved on such short-notice often proved...

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Climbing to Your Goals

Are You a Risk Taker?

Imagine that you’re the coach, and your team is leading by two points with two minutes to go in the game. Would you try to slow things down, hold...

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Presenting yourself with Confidence

8 Criteria for Personal Accountability

In recent years, people have attempted to take responsibility for their personal development—character, career, attitude—with performance tools...

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Inspirational Speaking Tips and Strategies

3 Communication Lessons From Leaders Who Fail

Many people today talk about leadership, who have never led anything more complex than a junior high marching band.  They offer this or that...

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Proper Business Attire

4 Common Myths About Being a Great Speaker

In a recent coaching session, my executive client shared this goal with me:  “I want to become a more inspiring speaker so my employees really...

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