Writing Business Emails

Does Your Writing Reveal Secrets About Your Leadership Style?

  Keith, the president of a Fortune 500 company, called with an intriguing assignment—one that I’ve never been asked to repeat anywhere...

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Clearing Your Mind, Going for Walks

Take a Walk for a Difficult Talk

  Walking loosens the tongue. Think back to your childhood. Do you remember any long walks with grandparents, aunts, or uncles when you bonded...

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Communicating With Customers

5 Ways You May Be Cutting Off Communication With Customers

  For all the hoopla about how companies love their customers, it’s just trash talk. I’m convinced that 95 out of 100 organizations don’t...

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Using Language Wisely

Are You Telling Stories or Anecdotes? — And Why It Matters

The president wanted to hit a grand slam at his first all-hands meeting with employees watching the broadcast from around the world. Obviously,...

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Leading With Common Sense

3 Common Sense Tips to Communicate Change That Aren’t Common Practice

  Randomness terrifies people. In a world where someone can walk into a shopping mall and open fire on hundreds of innocent people, where jobs...

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Improving Team Communication

4 Tips to Tie a Team Presentation Together

  A basketball team that can work the ball down the court and dunk it play after play is a beautiful thing. A family that laughs together...

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