policy questions

Putting Employees at Ease to Question Policies and Other Changes

If salespeople learn anything about selling, they understand this foundational truth: Questions lead to customers. The customer who asks no questions...

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Communicate Complex Policies

6 Tips to Communicate Complex Policies

Change almost always meets resistance. If all policies met a receptive audience, you’d be working in Utopia. So if you’re up for dealing with...

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mentoring moment

Using Mentoring Moments to Coach Your Team to Greater Career Success

Millennials aren’t the only generation that demands frequent feedback and expects to advance quickly up the career ladder. In fact, HR typically...

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executive buy-in

How to Pitch Ideas to Your Executive Team

“Never got a response to my email.” “They never followed through on my recommendation.” “I’d definitely like to have a seat at the table...

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Different Viewpoint

How to Get Cocky Leaders to Consider a Different Viewpoint

Seriously, play along with me for a moment. Try these two brainteasers for yourself before reading ahead for the answers—and the point: ...

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positive communication

Turn Negative, Depressing Conversations To Positive Communication

(Forbes first published my article here.) Everywhere you turn these last few weeks, you hear bad news and sad stories about the Coronavirus and...

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