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Top 10 Communication Blogs From 2018: Did You Miss These?

Thanks for being a reader in 2018. To wrap up the year, I’m re-running 10 of the most popular communication blogs in the last 12 months just in case you missed them.


Top 10 Booher Communication Blogs of the Year


How to Stop a Micromanaging Boss

Far too many people have had a “bad boss” experience in their past. But complaining to coworkers rarely improves the situation. You can, however, take some practical steps to relieve the tension—if not rehabilitate your boss altogether.

Read the blog here: http://booherresearch.com/how-to-stop-a-micromanaging-boss/


Are You a Micromanager? 6 Signs

If your workload has become heavier and heavier and your nerves are becoming frayed with people who can’t seem to do things “right,” you yourself might be falling into the bad habit of micromanaging. Here are some tell-tale clues, as well as help to break the habit.

Read the blog here: http://booherresearch.com/are-you-a-micromanager-6-signs/


5 Tips for Women Talking Techie to Technical Men

Talking about everyday topics can be challenging. When technical topics surface, communication can really stall. Often, typical differences in communication styles between the genders complicates the process further. Awareness of these differences can help you close the gender clarity gap:

Read the blog here: http://booherresearch.com/5-tips-for-women-talking-techie-to-technical-men/


Are You Delivering Great Stories—Or Just Narrating Them?

If it seems like everybody in the world of work is talking about the importance of storytelling, you’re right. They are. But unfortunately, they’re not doing it. That is, they may think they’re telling a great story when in actuality, they’re just narrating it. Read about the big difference here:

Read the blog here: http://booherresearch.com/are-you-delivering-great-stories-or-just-narrating-them/


5 Best Practices to Prevent Business Writing Blunders

More than two decades ago when I’d started on a new book on business writing, a colleague said to me, “Our people don’t write much anymore. We just email.” Although I didn’t respond to that comment, I thought it strange. Email IS writing—on the screen rather than paper. Here’s how to do it faster and better:

Read the blog here: http://booherresearch.com/5-best-practices-to-prevent-business-writing-blunders/


Syncing Your Communication Style With Your Boss’s Preferences

Far too many people carry on Sonic-style communication with their boss—that is, they have drive-by interactions:  “I need to talk to you sometime about X.”  Then they wonder why they and the boss never seem to be on the same page. Find out how to communicate in a way that your boss “hears” what you’re saying:

Read the blog here: http://booherresearch.com/syncing-your-communication-style-with-your-bosss-preferences/


5 Ways to Gain Credibility With Your Executive Leaders

Credibility is difficult to gain and easy to lose. Do you speak the language—and ask the provocative questions—that executive leaders expect from you? Find out here:

Read the blog here: http://booherresearch.com/5-ways-to-gain-credibility-with-executive-leaders/


How to Get C-Suite Buy-In

So what specifically do you include in a presentation to top executives? And most importantly, what do you omit? This blog gets very detailed about content for those high-level briefings that need to engage your executives and move them to a decision:

Read the blog here: http://booherresearch.com/how-to-get-c-suite-buy-in/


4 Ways to Verify Others REALLY Understand What You’re Communicating

Ask people, “Do you understand?” and they’ll almost always nod and say yes. Some do; some don’t. A better way to find out if colleagues, staff, and clients really understand is to leave the ball in your court. Here are 4 ways to check out what others understood:

Read the blog here: http://booherresearch.com/4-ways-to-verify-others-really-understand-what-youre-communicating/


How to Calm Your Nerves Before a Presentation

Life is a series of presentations—in the hallway, in meetings, on the phone, in the conference room. Speaking success happens not in the absence of fear, but in making fear work for, not against you. Here again are my best 8 tips to remain poised and confident.

Read the blog here: http://booherresearch.com/how-to-calm-your-nerves-before-a-presentation/



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