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The Purpose of the Book Pitch

For those of you who’ve attended a workshop on writing and publishing, you understand the term “pitch” as it relates to selling a book.

But let me define it again here: It’s a one- or two-sentence summary that conveys the promise of your book: The problem you solve or the opportunity you’re highlighting… Your unique perspective on the subject… The huge need or market for this topic… And why you’re the ideal person to write such a book.

So What’s the Purpose of the Pitch?

  • Serves as your roadmap for the complete proposal
  • Shapes your thinking for the final, spectacular title
  • Serves as your core “elevator pitch” in your phone or face-to-face conversation with an agent or editor
  • Works its way into your proposal in various spots—typically intact
  • Becomes the bulk of your written query to the agent/editor
  • Serves as the “selling handle” for the sales rep calling on the bookstore buyer to ask for an order
  • Finds its way into the marketing materials and onto the book jacket


Bottom-line: Your pitch has to pass muster. It’s the bedrock of your entire writing and selling plan. And even if you intend to self-publish your book, you still need to write a proposal as your personal publishing and marketing plan.

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