Disrespectful Communication Habits

Rudeness Alert: 16 Things That Show Disrespect and Damage Relationships

Is my sensor out of whack, or are people becoming less civil toward each other? It’s irritating enough when you receive the rude treatment as a customer. But when you see the following things happen among your coworkers, friends, and family members, maybe it’s time for reflection—and reminders.

1. Interrupting a face-to-face conversation to take a phone call without excusing yourself and explaining the urgency

2. Keeping a caller waiting on “hold” for an extended period (more than 20 seconds) without explanation and without their permission

3. Fidgeting with gadgets while others are talking to you

4. Arriving late to meetings and keeping others waiting

5. Interrupting people to change the topic or interject your own comment

6. Working on other projects during a meeting, causing others to have to repeat things to you

7. Refusing to lower a loud volume (music) when others are working nearby

8. Talking loudly on a cell phone in public places

9. Failing to return a greeting when someone speaks to you

10. Borrowing things without asking

11. Returning borrowed items in an altered condition after using them (dirty, damaged, empty)—or not returning them at all

12. Slamming a door in someone’s face––intentionally or in haste

13. Speaking to some people but not others as you join a group

14. Leaving food and beverages around in common areas

15. Failing to use common courtesy words such as “please” and “thank you”

16. Failing to remember names after people are introduced to you

What other irritants can you add to the list in the Comments section below?

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