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Cut your learning curve with mentoring from an experienced book and publishing coach. Hall-of-Fame keynote speaker and bestselling author Dianna Booher has written and published 49 books, sold in 62 foreign-language editions—all with major publishers. Her award-winning books include both fiction and nonfiction (business, technical, self-help, and pop psychology).

None of these books are self-published. (If you plan to self-publish, we’re happy to recommend some great coaches to help you with that goal.)

At Booher, we’re all about SELLING your book to a major publisher.

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During the complimentary call, Dianna will review your situation and offer several rough paths toward achieving your goals. Her advice on what approach to take is to the point and will deal with your particular genre and background.

Dianna requires a $500 payment for her 60-minute strategy call. As she is busy with her keynote and coaching clients, she wants to ensure those seeking her advice are serious about getting published. The fee can be deducted from her coaching and publisher proposal packages should you decide to engage her for one of her more extensive services after the call.

Please fill out the form, and you will receive a payment link in your confirmation email. Payment should be made at the time of scheduling your call.

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