Do you dream of selling your book to a major publishing house?

Need a step-by-step process to write a quality book in 7 to 28 days?

Having difficulty finding an agent as passionate about your book as you are?

Need ideas to market your book?

Then cut your learning curve with mentoring from an experienced book and publishing coach. Hall-of-Fame keynote speaker and bestselling author Dianna Booher has written and published 48 books, sold in 61 foreign-language editions—all with major publishers. Her award-winning books include both fiction and nonfiction (business, technical, self-help, and pop psychology).

None of these books are self-published. (If you plan to self-publish, we’re happy to recommend some great coaches to help you with that goal.)

At Booher, we’re all about SELLING your book to a major publisher.

Are You an Entrepreneur?

If you have a product, a service, a consulting process or practice, an invention, a scientific discovery, or other research, getting a book published establishes your credibility in the marketplace like nothing else can!

You could spend thousands of dollars on a full-page ad in the world’s most popular magazine or online outlet. But a great book with a major publisher will produce ten times the value of that ad in name recognition, staying power, and career accolades.

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Want to Transform Your Name Into a Brand?

Entrepreneurial authors call frequently with comments like this:

  • “I need someone to help me build a business, and publishing books is part of our marketing plan.”
  • “Can you help me ‘up my game’? I need to increase the value of my brand.”
  • “I’ve self-published a couple of books, but they just didn’t do for me what I’d hoped. I want to get to the big-time and draw media attention and go for some big-name clients.”
  • “I need a plan for growing my platform to sustain my offering and reputation for a long-term career—not just be a flash-in-the-pan with one book that nobody remembers after a couple of years.”
  • “Clients are calling me about licensing IP and online courses. I need to turn my content into a real business. I need to establish my ownership of all this IP permanently with a major book publisher.”

We can help you with all these goals!

Check out the myriad Booher products in your favorite online or local bookstores. Dianna serves as a professional speaker and executive coach for Fortune 500 companies which pay their employees bonuses to publish books and articles for the notoriety it brings to the organization.

These entrepreneurs are thinking beyond the book!

Get Coaching to Write Your Book: In-Person or by Phone

This coaching program is all about YOU—YOUR ideas, YOUR book title, YOUR book proposal, YOUR marketing plan…YOUR career success.

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10 Best Tips to Write a Book Fast!

Have you been trying to get that book finished for months—maybe even years? Time and productivity problems plague not only first-time writers but also seasoned authors! Professional writers can’t wait for inspiration. They need to produce quality manuscripts fast. Learn the secrets of the most prolific authors.

Download Dianna’s quick-tip list of 10 secrets that have enabled her to write 48 full-length books (plus scores of coauthored books, training programs, video and audio scripts, magazine articles, and speeches).

These writing habits will improve the quality and speed up your output—seriously!

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