Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Editions: English, Arabic, Chinese Short Form, Chinese Long Form, Korean, Indonesian
Format: Paperback, NOOK Book, Audible

Speak with Confidence!: Powerful Presentations That Inform, Inspire, and Persuade 
by Dianna Booher

Now virtually anyone can be an effective public speaker and give powerful presentations.

From nationally respected communications guru Dianna Booher, here is a complete program for business professionals who want to take their public speaking skills to a bold new level. Writing for sweaty-palmed beginners and seasoned execs alike, Booher delivers powerful, battle-tested strategies and tips guaranteed to transform even the most fainthearted presenter into a masterful communicator.

In addition to a clear, systematic presentation of the basics that every public speaker must learn, she offers invaluable guidelines for experienced speakers who’d like to fine-tune their skills, as well as guidance on how to seamlessly integrate multimedia into a presentation.

In Speak with Confidence!, readers will learn how to:

  • Analyze audiences on the fly and adjust speeches accordingly
  • Develop a high-impact style of delivery
  • Avoid most speech-planning pitfalls
  • Involve audiences and deflect distractions
  • Create an executive presence