Publisher: Simon & Schuster/Messner
Editions: English
Format: Out of Print
Awards/ Recognition: Best Nonfiction of the Year—American Library Association (YA)

Out of Print

Rape: What Would You Do If…? 
by Dianna Booher

Is rape and the fear of rape part of the contemporary experience of being a woman in the United States? Sadly, recent findings seem to confirm this is the case. According to the Justice Department, rape is increasing at four times the rate of other crimes.

Rape: What Would You Do If…? presents the latest statistics behind this brand of violence and helps young readers understand what they can do to protect themselves. Good safety habits at home, away from home, and in social situations are presented as are methods of fighting back—both physically and psychologically. Finally, straightforward, non-sensational language describes the medical, legal, and emotional help that is widely available to victims of rape.

Rape: What Would You Do If…? is must-reading if women are to take action for their safety and freedom.

This book is an American Library Association’s Best Books for Young Adults selection.