Publisher: Simon & Schuster/Messner
Editions: English
Format: Out of Print

Out of Print

Love: Falling Into It and Out of It 
by Dianna Booher

It could be love, or like, or even limerence—but no matter what you call it, a romantic relationship is a natural part of the rocky-road of growing up.

Love: Falling Into It and Out Of It is designed to provide you with aid and comfort—and occasional chuckles—along the way. Author Dianna Booher writes with understanding and good humor about such universal problems of the love experience as:

  • Why he or she doesn’t call
  • How you know if you’re really in love
  • How to break up without cracking up
  • The difference between having sex and making love

If you’re in love, or planning to be, Love: Falling Into It and Out Of It could be the best friend you ever had!