Publisher: Facts on File, Ballantine/HarperCollins
Editions: English, English/Indian
Format: Paperback, Hardcover
Awards/ Recognition: Writer’s Digest Book Club selection

Good Grief, Good Grammar: The Business Person’s Guide to Grammar and Usage 
by Dianna Booher

From the typing pool to top management, good grammar makes good business sense. A clear, concise writing style is the key to making your ideas stand out and keeping your career on track.

Dianna Booher, president of Booher Research, offers an innovative, entertaining, step-by-step approach that makes the principles of grammar pleasant to learn and easy to remember.

Whether you need to brush up on the basics or fine-tune your style, the answers are at your fingertips in Good Grief, Good Grammar. 

It’s a comprehensive guide to:

  • Correct word usage
  • Sentence structure
  • Phrases and clauses
  • Voice, verb tense, and mood
  • Punctuation, spelling, and capitalization
  • Common errors such as split infinitives and dangling participles, and how to avoid them

Plus a series of fun-to-take tests to gauge your language skills and your progress.