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Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Editions: English, Arabic, English/Indian
Format: Paperback

Get Ahead! Stay Ahead!
by Dianna Booher

We all know that nothing in the work world is the way it used to be. Jobs change. Technology changes. Companies merge, restructure, and “rightsize.”

But you can survive—and thrive—in this whirlwind, if you learn how to create your own job security.

Start by rating your own career fitness by taking the Career Fitness Inventory. Get Ahead! Stay Ahead! shows you how to build a surefire career kit you can take with you wherever you go. Best-selling author Dianna Booher outlines, with real-life examples, the 70 most important skills, traits, and attitudes you need to lead a successful, self-directed career… ensure your freedom and independence… assess your marketable skills… promote your career growth… and create a personal master plan for attaining your career goals.

Life happens better with a plan. Learn the marketable skills that will make you a hot property—now and in the future. Skills such as:

  • Speaking authoritatively and persuasively before a group
  • Planning and sticking to a budget
  • Leading productive meetings
  • Selling yourself, your ideas, your services, and your products
  • Negotiating mutually acceptable outcomes
  • Taking calculated risks
  • And many more.

Use this book to take charge of your destiny! Whether you stay in your current job, look for another one, or go out on your own, Get Ahead! Stay Ahead! will provide the blueprint you need to be the architect of your own success.