Publisher: Kaplan/Dearborn Trade
Editions: English, English/Indian, Korean, Italian, Complex Chinese
Format: Paperback, Kindle, NOOK Book

From Contact to Contract
by Dianna Booher

Are you one of the 16 million Americans working as a sales professional? Are you a small business owner, consultant, doctor, lawyer, or other business professional who must sell your services and promote your credibility to succeed? If so, you need practical, easy-to-apply information on the art of effective sales communication.

In From Contact to Contract, Dianna Booher offers specific steps that help you:

  • Structure your sales conversation to keep it moving toward your sales goal
  • Use strategic persuasion techniques to turn information into real communication
  • Engage buyers with interactive sales presentations of your products and services
  • Negotiate to maintain profit margins
  • Gain commitments from customers and prospects
  • Communicate with difficult buyers
  • Manage your pipeline
  • Generate leads
  • Stay motivated during a competitive upsurge or economic downturn

No time to read? Pick it up and go right to the help you need with a specific prospect. Summary headlines of each key sales tip or communication tip and brief entries were written with you—a fast-paced sales professional or entrepreneur—in mind.

Review the comprehensive collection of 432 tips and best practices without getting bogged down in long explanations of sales theory and models.

Apply the practical sales techniques and advice immediately, and watch how From Contact to Contract becomes the sales primer you use again and again!