Publisher: Warner Books
Editions: English, Korean, English/British
Format: Out of Print

Out of Print

Clean Up Your Act: Effective Ways to Organize Paperwork—And Get It Out of Your Life
by Dianna Booher

Whether your desk is covered with papers, or your email inbox is overflowing, or you just feel tormented by every communication and every little piece of paper in your life, CLEAN UP YOUR ACT! will help you clear up your paper jam forever. For home and office, here are the methods, tips, and strategies you need, including a filing system that makes great use of the famous “circular file” and delete key.

You’ll also find action plans that show you how to:

  • Discover your personal period of peak performance so you don’t get to priority tasks too early or too late
  • Learn how to think informally so you don’t have to put everything in a formal document
  • Use appropriate filing and archiving methods
  • Use “idea wheels” and other brainstorming techniques to save time in planning presentations and writing emails or formal documents
  • Take talk seriously
  • Learn how to decide whether to talk, write, email, phone, or meet face to face

From business communications and productivity expert Dianna Booher, whose clients range from IBM to Hewlett-Packard to Exxon Mobil, this is the only book you need to cut an annoying and constant part of modern life down to size.