Publisher: Lakewood Publications
Editions: English
Format: Out of Print

Out of Print

67 Presentation Secrets to Wow Any Audience: Your Guide to Clear, Concise, Persuasive Presentations
by Dianna Booher

Much of your success in business and personal relationships comes from your ability to communicate your ideas or information to a group.

67 Presentation Secrets to Wow Any Audience by Dianna Booher can strip away the fear of speaking before a group by encouraging a natural, animated presentation style for those who must inform, instruct, inspire, persuade, or entertain others.

This book includes tips to help you improve both your substance and style as a business presenter and professional communicator.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Analyze your audience.
  • Narrow your ideas.
  • Avoid pitfalls in pre-planning.
  • Begin with attention grabbers.
  • Match your delivery style to content emphasis.
  • Involve your audience and deflect distractions.
  • Modulate your voice quality and pace.
  • Develop persuasive strategies.
  • Strengthen retention of your key ideas.
  • Select, prepare, and use appropriate visual support.
  • Anticipate and prepare for difficult questions.
  • Build rapport and credibility.
  • End with impact.

By applying these 67 Presentation Secrets to Wow Any Audience tips, you’ll add both “punch” to your delivery style and power to your content.