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Publisher: Trade Life Books
Editions: English, Thai, Russian, English/Arabic
Format: Paperback, Kindle, NOOK Book, Hardcover

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Ten Smart Moves for Women Who Want to Succeed in Love and Life
by Dianna Booher

If you’re ready to experience personal satisfaction in your relationships and success in your career, you’re ready for Ten Smart Moves for Women Who Want to Succeed in Love and Life by Dianna Booher.

In positive, encouraging words, here are the proven do’s and don’ts that every working woman needs to know. These uniquely focused principles honor the importance of your family’s goals and values and show you how to reach your full potential.

You’ll discover:

  • How to develop stronger self-esteem
  • How to make decisions from both your head and your heart
  • How to resolve conflict that holds you back
  • How to build a support system
  • How to allow your habits to work for you
  • How to evaluate risks more appropriately
  • How to discover greater spiritual fulfillment
  • How to stop selling yourself short
  • How to enjoy your kids AND excel at work
  • and much more!

Brimming with dozens of real-life examples of successful and satisfied women who work full-time, this intimate guide will boost your spirits while it opens your eyes. Far more motivating and life-changing than a professional success conference, it’s sure to transform your life through the power of smart thinking.