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Dianna Booher is the bestselling author of 47 books, published in 60 foreign-language editions. She helps organizations to communicate clearly and leaders to expand their influence by a strong executive presence. She speaks on leadership communication and executive presence. Her latest books include Communicate Like a Leader; What MORE Can I Say?; Creating Personal Presence; and Communicate With Confidence. National media such as Good Morning America, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, Investor’s Business Daily, Bloomberg, Forbes.com, Fast Company, FOX, CNN, NPR, Success, and Entrepreneur have interviewed her for opinions on critical workplace communication issues.

Why Doing What You Say Matters

(This article originally appeared here on Forbes on May 19, 2018.) When it comes to commitments, there are two kinds of people in the marketplace: Those who keep commitments as if their life depended on it—and those who break them as easily as crystal. By definition, integrity means soundness, sincerity, truthfulness, coherence, honesty, of good [...]

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12 Communication Habits to Be a Better Boss

Nobody intends to be a bad boss. Managers aspire to earn the respect of their team, engage their people in the mission, and win their loyalty for the long term. For the best bosses, those things happen. Other managers, however, struggle with the relationship-side of their responsibilities.   So What’s The Big Challenge? Ask their [...]

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5 Ways to Gain Credibility With Executive Leaders

(This article first appeared on Forbes here.) Few things are more frustrating than identifying a problem, developing a viable solution, hearing accolades from coworkers only to have your executive team question the very premise of your recommendation. Rather than being greeted with gratitude and confidence, in their presence, you feel as credible as Bernie Madoff [...]

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8 Signs You’re About to Hire the Wrong Job Applicant

Piles of résumés represent time to wade through job applicants, trying to match a position with a person’s expertise and skills. It would be so much faster if the unsuitable job applicants walked in with a stamp on their forehead: “Reject.” Then you’d have time to spend with the best qualified candidates. The best candidates [...]

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Why Going to Funerals Is Good for You

Please hear me out on this: Life is not all about hype and happiness. Meaning bubbles to the psyche from moments of sadness as often as glee. Relationships among coworkers, friends, and family mean you’ll eventually lose those you love. And as part of working through your grief, you’ll attend a funeral or memorial to [...]

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Why Prospects Don’t Answer Their Phone—and How to Change Things

Answering your phone can be a dicey experience these days. Having some off-beat, unhelpful caller waste your time—or worse, insult you—can spoil a good day. If you have a sinking feeling some of your salespeople may be making such critical mistakes (or heaven forbid, you yourself have tried these call openers), pass on this warning: [...]

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