“Dianna Booher has changed the way corporate America communicates.”

—Dr. Mary Kay Kickels, VP, Program Development, Encyclopaedia Britannica

Booher Research Institute offers these communication-related consulting, coaching, and speaking services:

Executive Coaching

  • Public speaking
  • Executive presence
  • Interpersonal conflict
  • Messaging

Keynote Speaking

  • Leadership communication
  • Executive presence
  • Persuasion and influence
  • Book writing and publishing (authorship)
  • Life balance/Finding your calling

Communication Consulting

  • Develop messaging for marketing campaigns for new product launches
  • Design and draft corporate communication plans to improve communication flow throughout the organization
  • Coach your sales team to develop their core sales message and proposals for new markets

Book Writing and Publishing Strategies for Fortune 500 Organizations, Nonprofits, and Individuals

  • Coaching and resources to write and sell books to major publishers
  • Coaching and resources to market and promote books to grow your business

We’re eager to help you solve your communication challenges, increase the impact of your messages, and improve your productivity.

To put the three decades of experience at Booher Research to work for you, email us at clients@BooherResearch.com or phone 817-283-2333.