Write a Book Worth Publishing!™

Are you hoping to write a book and get published by a major publisher? Do you need an expert to guide you through the complex process?

If so, Dianna has the expertise to do just that! She has written and published:
–50 full-length books sold to major publishers (Penguin Random House, HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster, and McGraw-Hill)
–17 co-authored books
–62 foreign editions
–4 ghostwritten books

There is a process to writing, crafting a winning proposal to attract a major publisher, finding an agent, and marketing your book internationally. The process is straightforward and repeatable. Dianna has used it to sell almost 4 million books. Writing a book does not have to take years. With a dedication to the process, you can write your book in weeks, not months.

Register for this very full 3-day book camp to be held online (or call or email us about scheduling sessions for one-on-one coaching). You can join the ranks of other bestselling authors as you:

  • Earn the respect of clients and colleagues from your published work
  • Increase your credibility to sell other high-ticket services and products
  • Gain media coverage in national outlets
  • Garner higher visibility for your organization and your own career
  • Grow your passive income from royalties
  • Confirm your legacy 

It’s all about YOU.

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Why Should YOU Join Us?

You will learn methods to shape YOUR book idea, choose the best agent for YOUR project, and attract a major publishing house. Prepare to develop your idea, query, proposal, or manuscript through feedback from Dianna and a community of successful peers.

Dianna will share her first-hand experiences, specific techniques for writing quality books quickly, great publishing contacts, and her own formulas and trade secrets.

In short, this book camp is all about YOU—YOUR ideas, YOUR book title, YOUR book proposal, YOUR marketing plan, …YOUR career success.

So be prepared to go to work during these three days to complete what you need to “go to market.”

Dianna Booher on Selling your Book to a Major Publisher with Mitchell Levy, Interview Host.

What's Included?

Whether you’re a beginning author or a seasoned pro, you’ll benefit from a small group of writers offering ideas and feedback on your title, pitch, proposal, marketing strategies, and the like. Throughout the Booher Book Camp program, you’ll get instruction, brainstorm as a group, and then work individually to apply the ideas to your book project.

More specifically, you’ll learn to:

  • Analyze the various publishing options to determine what’s right for your goals
  • Create original concepts that you can trademark and extend to a brand
  • Test the market for your book idea
  • Develop 12 approaches to your topic and select the most appropriate
  • Craft an enticing title that tease that tempts readers to buy
  • Create an irresistible pitch to literary agents
  • Write queries that grab attention and gain representation by top agents
  • Develop a killer book proposal that leads to a lucrative contract
  • Devise a systematic work plan to get your idea to finished manuscript quickly
  • Identify low-cost ways to do proprietary research
  • Discover resources to help you with the steps you don’t want to do yourself
  • Polish your writing skills to take your project from ho-hum to humdinger
  • Identify no-cost or low-cost marketing ideas
  • Identify key pieces in your PR materials to grab media attention
  • Create book “hooks” that will generate major media coverage
  • Craft the Umbrella Concept™ to brand yourself as a best-selling author
  • Understand the 10 sticky contract clauses to avoid legal potholes
  • Cash in on your sub-rights sales
  • Create multiple streams of revenue with your IP (speaking, consulting, coaching, and so forth)

Your coach Dianna Booher is author of 50 books of her own, plus those written for other authors. Her books have been translated into in 62 foreign language editions, with nearly 4 million copies in print (Simon & Schuster, HarperCollins, Penguin Random House, McGraw-Hill, Berrett-Koehler).

To Register for the Next Scheduled Booher Book Camp or for More Information About Personal Coaching

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Dianna will be hosting this book camp in an intimate home setting in an exclusive community in the DFW area, surrounded by a beautiful lake and gardens—all for your inspiration.  Occasionally, the Booher Book Camps are held in other cities or virtually via ZOOM. So when you inquire, be sure to ask where and when regarding the next advertised date.

After registration, you’ll receive an email with logistical details (daily start and end times and the pre-assignment).

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