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5 Ways to Gain Credibility With Executive Leaders

(This article first appeared on Forbes here.) Few things are more frustrating than identifying a problem, developing a viable solution, hearing accolades from coworkers only to have your executive team question the very premise of your recommendation. Rather than being greeted with gratitude and confidence, in their presence, you feel as credible as Bernie Madoff [...]

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3 Things Leadership Is NOT

Leadership—or the lack of it—has been the theme of the last decade. From political pundits, to convention keynoters, to sports team coaches, everybody claims to want a cadre of leaders to carry out their mission. So for all the talk, training techniques, and tips on the topic, you’d think everyone would have the concept down [...]

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Take a Walk for a Difficult Talk

Walking loosens the tongue. Think back to your childhood. Do you remember any long walks with grandparents, aunts, or uncles when you bonded as you bounded through the neighborhood or countryside? Or about those long, romantic walks with your first love when you poured out your deepest secrets and highest hopes for the future? Or [...]

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5 Ways You May Be Cutting Off Communication With Customers

For all the hoopla about how companies love their customers, it’s just trash talk. I’m convinced that 95 out of 100 organizations don’t care about their customers. They tolerate customers only as a means to profit and that message comes through loud and clear every day. Five examples from this past week illustrate my point [...]

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Are You a Bold or Blunt Communicator?

“I just call it like I see it.”  “I’m not a touchy-feely person.” “I don’t beat around the bush; I just let the chips fall where they may.” Such comments frequently fall from the lips of sharp-shooters, who haven’t learned the difference between direct communication and bluntness. Direct doesn’t mean down and dirty. Effective leaders [...]

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Can You Measure Good Judgment?

You’ve no doubt watched someone do something stupid and wondered about their common sense.  Like resigning a good job in a fit of anger before landing a new one.  Like blowing a wad of money on a whimsical purchase to impress someone they hardly know. Like dashing across an 8-lane freeway at night with speeding [...]

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