Whether you are an author “hopeful” or an accomplished writer with a finished manuscript to sell, this coaching program will give you the tangible tools and techniques to complete your project, gain new visibility, and increase your credibility exponentially.

You will learn to…

  • Create original concepts that you can trademark and extend to a brand
  • Test the market for your book idea
  • Develop 12 approaches to almost any subject and select the most appropriate for your topic
  • Select writing projects that propel your career to the next level
  • Create or expand your personal platform to get the attention of publishers and major influencers
  • Craft enticing titles that tease readers to take your book home
  • Create an irresistible one-page pitch to agents
  • Write queries that grab attention and gain representation by top agents
  • Select the most appropriate agent for your project and career goals
  • Develop a killer book proposal that leads to a lucrative contract
  • Get your idea to finished manuscript quickly with a systematic work plan
  • Identify low-cost ways to do proprietary, primary research
  • Discover resources to help you with the steps you don’t want to do yourself
  • Polish your writing skills to take your project from ho-hum to humdinger
  • Use a 12-step writing process to draft your book in 7 to 21 days
  • Identify no-cost or low-cost marketing ideas
  • Execute your marketing plan in the most productive way possible
  • Include the key pieces in your PR materials to grab media attention
  • Identify hooks for your book that will generate major media coverage
  • Use social media to its full advantage in creating book buzz
  • Pitch national media, land important placements, and leverage those hits

Editing and Grammar with Booher
  • Be a great media guest so that you get invited back
  • Turn media interviews into actual sales
  • Use multiple channels to the media–without paying high monthly retainers
  • Set a plan to get endorsements from celebrities and other ideal candidates
  • Set up joint ventures to drive book sales to spike into bestseller lists
  • Create the Umbrella Concept™ to brand yourself as a best-selling author
  • Negotiate 19 sticky contract clauses to avoid legal potholes
  • Cash in on your subrights sales
  • Build an entire product line around your expertise
  • Develop licensing agreements to expand your distribution channels
  • Identify common pitfalls in licensing agreements and negotiate those issues upfront so things run smoothly
  • Generate ongoing publicity for yourself, your product, your service, or your organization

The Next Superstar?

Chances are, you are currently successful in your own chosen field or you wouldn’t be considering writing a book.  But your career needs the added credibility that only a published book can bring. The next you is the person who walks into a business meeting with your newly published book under your arm and watches as peers gape in awe at your charismatic “published” presence. You are immediately considered an expert in your chosen field, and that perception can propel you a long way.

What About Self-Publishing?

This program can help you investigate the pros and cons of the major decision regarding self-publishing your own ebook with many of the available technologies today.  Our coaching program assumes the target publisher is a major house with name credibility and prestige who will pay you good money for your masterpiece.

Why?  Because that prestige automatically transfers to your book in the mind of the buyer. Generally, you don’t find top-selling books coming off the self-publisher’s printer or presses. In fact, the average self-published book sells only a few hundred copies, which generate little opportunity for multiple revenue streams.

A select few authors have carved out a successful niche relying on the self-publishing format. Learn how they did it. Then you will have the facts to make an unbiased decision for your project and goals.

Whatever direction you ultimately take—self-publishing or traditional publishing with a major publishing house––this coaching program has much to offer:  from writing a quality book quickly, to marketing your masterpiece, to developing an entire line of products from that content.

Dianna shares more about the world of publishing in this podcast.

(click below to listen to Dianna)

If the group coaching packages do not fit your needs or timeframe for where you are in your publishing venture and career plan, individual coaching may be the perfect arrangement for you.  Some people call with a larger project scope in mind:

  • “I need someone to help me build a business and publishing books is just part of that plan.”
  • “Can you help me ‘up my game’?  I need to increase the value of my brand in the marketplace.”
  • “I’ve self-published a couple of books, but they just didn’t do for me what I’d hoped.  I want to get to the big-time and draw media attention and go for some big-name clients.”
  • “I need a plan for growing my platform to sustain my offering and reputation for a long-term career—not just be a flash-in-the-pan with one book that nobody remembers.”
  • “Clients are calling me about licensing my IP.  And I want to put things into audio and do online learning courseware.  I need to turn my content into a real business.”

Get Coaching to Write Your Book — In-Person

These are the kinds of issues and calls that we receive weekly—people who are thinking beyond the book.  If you need coaching in any of these areas, email us about an individual coaching arrangement.  Email your specific goals and questions to clients@BooherResearch.com and we will get back to you shortly.

Get Coaching to Write Your Book — by Phone