Inspiring People to Work
Published:  June 5, 2017
Publisher:  Berrett-Koehler Publishers
Available:  English, Chinese, Indian
Format:  Paperback, Kindle, Audio
Awards/ Recognition:  2018 Axiom Awards Silver Medalist

Won Axiom Award Silver Medal (2018)!

“People don’t leave an organization; they leave a boss” has become a truism in the workplace for good reason. Often, that boss causing the retention problem has moved from buddy to bully unintentionally. The boss has been promoted from supervisor to manager or from manager to senior executive with brilliant technical skills but without the accompanying leadership and communication skills for the job.

As a result, these leaders—whether new or seasoned—are stuck in micromanagement mode. This book gets them unstuck.

Communicate Like a Leader prevents micromanagement by providing principles to help professionals think, coach, converse, speak, write, and meet strategically to deliver results. In 36 very brief chapters, it offers leaders help to communicate ideas, vision, and initiatives strategically in various formats and settings to audiences up and down the organization. As a result, you as a leader will be able to . . .

  •  Interview and hire top talent for your team
  • Avoid hiring toxic employees
  • Give usable feedback as  a coach, not a critic
  • Connect to strengthen your network and increase the value of your personal brand
  • Think on your feet to “say a few words” with poise and credibility
  • Present persuasive recommendations that get action
  • Run productive meetings that deliver results
  • Fire poor performers fairly so they don’t demoralize your team
  • Negotiate to achieve strategic goals

Go to to for a longer overview of the book, a Discussion Guide for your team as they read the book and apply its principles, interview questions, an author bio, and downloadable photos.

When you read Communicate Like a Leader, you’ll learn strategic communication skills that will improve your relationship with your people and actually make leading easier. Dianna Booher is the communication guru of the 21st century!

Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The One Minute Manager® and Legendary Service