Publisher: Revel (1st Edition), Thomas Nelson (2nd edition), New Leaf (3rd Edition)
Available: English
Format: Hardcover, Paperback, Kindle, NOOK Book

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First Thing Monday Morning by Dianna Booher

What makes a person successful in business? The short answers include tenacity, leadership skills, a sixth sense about investment trends …. and so on. But if we get to the heart of the matter, what do we uncover? Well, ask any long-term business person, and you’ll find that he or she has peace and purpose.

No one understands this better than popular consultant, speaker, and author Dianna Booher. This on-the-go success story keeps her most important appointment of the day by focusing on her faith.

By relating her own discoveries, and passing along success stories from among the famous and not-so-famous, Dianna Booher takes a hard look at difficult situations like office relationships, conflict, juggling of career and family, ethics, and career advancement.

Her inspirational meditations on keeping God in the workplace will soothe you. This is one appointment you can’t afford to break.