Far too many professionals see their careers stall at some point and fail to get the feedback they need to move off the plateau and advance to the next step.

Often, the problem is an inability to communicate or interact appropriately with those at the executive level—whether clients or their own executive team.

The comments from the executive team vary:

  • “Brilliant. But not well liked. Just doesn’t connect with people.”
  • “Doesn’t always use the appropriate language—too laid back, too flippant.”
  • “Too intense. Can’t relax. Comes on too strong. No sense of humor.”
  • “Gets down in the weeds. Rambles. Very bright, but far too technical for the audience. Can’t translate.”
  • “Doesn’t know how to communicate the big picture. Focuses on the wrong details.”
  • “Just not personable. Not a classy dresser. Excellent behind the scenes, but I would not want to put them in front of important clients.”
  • “Just inconsistent. Sometimes he hits a homerun; sometimes not.”

Excellent communication skills may not come naturally for you. Most people are not born with those skills in the same way as “natural” athletes seem to be born with certain athletic abilities.

But here’s the good news:  Anyone can learn the communication skills, habits, and traits that make the critical difference in their success as a leader.  Small changes can make a big difference in your impact.

Typical Executive Coaching Topics

Personal coaching is unique to each person’s needs and goals. But to give you an idea of typical topics addressed in our coaching sessions, here’s a list to start your thinking:

  • Executive presence
  • Presentation structure and content
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Cross-functional communication and information flow across the organization
  • Team-building
  • Giving feedback to build rather than destroy morale
  • Meeting productivity
  • Writing: clear, concise, compelling, quick
  • Persuasion principles

Next Steps …

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