Publisher: Booher Consultants
Editions: English
Format: Kindle, NOOK Book

Write to the Point
by Dianna Booher

Learn to write clear, concise, compelling documents (email, sales letters, proposals, reports) quickly and get the action you want.

Write to the Point will take the pain out of the writing process by providing quick tips and practical examples you can apply immediately to reduce your writing time and get your point across.

Here is a sample of the tips you will find in this informative eBook:

  • Write for the same skeptics who watch network news.
  • Make sure your elaboration matches the intended emphasis.
  • Quantify when you can.
  • Decide whether a chart or graphic will help or hinder.
  • Use passive voice only for a good reason.
  • Watch out for the dangling “which.”

So, if writing clearly, concisely, compellingly, and quickly is important to you, Write to the Point by Dianna Booher needs to be added to your resource library.