Publisher: Booher Consultants
Editions: English
Format: Kindle, NOOK Book

Quotations on Communication
by Dianna Booher

Add the perfect touch to a project when you choose from this collection of more than 140 quotations and quips on communication, productivity, and related topics.

In Quotations on Communication, you will gain thought-provoking insights into the importance of communication that will help you:

  • Spice up your speeches with just the right quotation from an expert in the field.
  • Motivate your staff to share information rather than horde it.
  • Spur your thinking as you draft articles and papers.
  • Inspire your team to improve their speaking, writing skills, or interpersonal skills.

Browse through dozens of memorable, thought-provoking quotations on writing, speaking, productivity, truth-telling, interpersonal skills, listening, meetings, communication flow, conflict, decisions making, presentation skills, selling, life balance, and inspiration—such as these nuggets:

“If you can’t write your message in a sentence, you can’t say it in an hour.”
—From Speak With Confidence!

“Communicate like you brush your teeth—routinely and often.”
—From The Voice of Authority

“Communication is the soul of management: analysis and solid decisions translated into clear messages that influence people to act and feel good about their performance.”
—From Communicate With Confidence!

Need an insightful quotation on some aspect of communication? Look no further than prolific author Dianna Booher. With more than 46 books with major publishers, Dianna has generated a wealth of insightful comments, the best of which are included in Quotations on Communication.