Publisher: Booher Consultants
Editions: English
Format: Kindle, NOOK Book

Dealing With Difficult Buyers 
by Dianna Booher

All successful salespeople have to deal with them. It’s part of doing business—handling the dreaded difficult buyer or blocker. To understand what makes them tick and to turn them around from foe to friend is essential if you want to earn a lucrative piece of the business they control.

Dianna Booher has done it again with her in-depth insights into human behavior. In this book, she gives you the road map into the difficult buyer’s mind so you navigate your way to a more successful sales outcome. Dianna is an internationally recognized executive communication and sales expert and author of 46 books, published in 26 foreign languages.

Learn tips and tactics to deal with the staller, the helpless, the whiner, the know-it-all, the tyrant, the incompetent, and a number of types you’ve encountered along the way. Don’t let one negative gatekeeper stand in your way of serving all the rest of your customers.