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Publisher: Booher Consultants
Editions: English
Format: Kindle, NOOK Book

Do You Know What You Just Said?!!! 
by Dianna Booher

Have you ever had that moment of terror when you accidentally said or did something that deeply offended other people? Every skilled communicator has had these moments. But with this communications resource, you can learn to avoid the common pitfalls of communicating with the opposite sex and people from other cultures.

Put your career on the fast track by learning to master the practical know-how of communicating easily with diverse groups of people. Improve your dating relationships or your marriage. Learn to “get through” to your adult children of the opposite sex. Be the perfect host with visitors from other countries. Be the perfect guest or business traveler as you communicate with customers and follow foreign customs.

This book is a powerful business communication resource to know what to say, how to say it, and when to say it. The series of quick tips will help you effortlessly navigate tricky communications. A credible guide to decisive communication, it will serve as a perfect resource for mobile, social media, and digital communications on the go.