Publisher: Booher Consultants
Editions: English
Format: Kindle, NOOK Book

Communication Gaffes
by Dianna Booher

Have you ever had someone hurl an insult at you and leave you stunned and speechless? Have you ever discovered that you’re the topic of a rumor or gossip that could stall your career? Don’t worry; you are not alone. This book is the perfect resource on how to gracefully—but firmly—recover from such common communication sinkholes in the workplace.

Your skills in rapidly recovering from these insensitive communications are key to career success. Communication Gaffes by Dianna Booher is a practical guide to know exactly what to say during these awkward and often hurtful moments, giving you the exact phrases and communication tools to turn the tables and recover from the “one-down” situation.

Don’t let your career advancement slide due to a communication gaffe—whether accidental or intentional. The damage can be the same. Get your career back on track fast by adopting the techniques in Communication Gaffes to quickly recover from gossip, insults, or other insensitivities.