Signs of Depression and Suicide

How to Help Depressed or Suicidal People

Dr. Lorna M. Breen, a top ER doctor who treated virus patients in a Manhattan hospital, recently died by suicide. According to her father, her job...

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improve how you think

3 Ways to Improve How You Think

Nothing sets you apart as a leader like having a reputation for always coming through with new ideas and solutions to problems.  That distinction...

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Are You So Technical You Turn People Off?

(Forbes first published my post here.) When my husband and I first married, we had an ongoing travel battle. Working in Houston as a consultant, I...

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Childish Behavior

How To Handle Childish Behavior At Work

(Forbes first published my article here.) My client Heather called to say she hadn’t received our shipment of books. So our operations manager...

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speak up

How to Speak Up and Hold the Floor Long Enough to Make Your Point

When others conclude that you rarely speak up, your career stalls. The ability to command attention and build a case are attributes closely...

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talk or write

To Talk or Write? A Critical Communication Decision—Part 2

Last week’s post presented seven reasons to write rather than talk to your employees, suppliers, and strategic partners: Allows time to...

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